48 Rolls of 15 Home Compostable Multi-Purpose Bags – 2-2.5l Point Of Sale

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Our 2-2.5l Home Compostable Multi-Purpose bags are ideal for wrapping sandwiches, fresh fruit etc, disposal of organic / natural / food waste, planting bagged seedlings and many other uses. These 100% home compostable bags are supplied on a roll and can be popped into your bag for everyday convenience.

  • Closed point of sale box as delivered to you.
  • One point of sale box per carton.
  • Lid and tongue fold back to create back board display.
  • Opened 48 loose roll point of sale box with front panel removed along perforated line.
  • Carton contains 48 rolls
  • Carton Dimensions (WxHxD):
    235mm x 150mm x 165mm
    9.25in x 5.9in x 6.5in
    WEIGHT: 2.85KG | 6.28 LBS
  • Stock Number: BBM-PBPLAX230MM33048R15B
  • Barcode: 6 009900 479323

About The Roll

  • Bag Dimensions (WxHxT):
    230mm x 330mm x 18 microns
    9in x 13in x 71 gauge
  • Roll contains 15 bags - perforated
  • A sustainable alternative that is leak-proof and just as durable as petroleum-based plastic
  • This is a natural product, which has a 9-month shelf life
  • Biodegrading decomposition explained simply on the bag
  • This bag is 100% toxin-free

Product Quality and Compostable Accreditations

To confirm BPI Compostable accreditation, please click here.
These bags are made from corn starch, which allows them to be compostable and biodegradable as per our BPI accreditation. These bags have been manufactured to comply with the following composting & biodegradable standards: EN 13432 | AS 5810 | ASTM D6400 | ASTM D6868.

These bags break down due to the exposure of oxygen, heat, UV light & microbial activities. When these bags biodegrade / decompose, they create carbon dioxide, biomass and water, which present no danger to the environment. No toxins are leached into the environment whilst decomposing. The ink used to print on these bags is a soy-based ink.


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